The Kharkiv Book Factory “Hlobus”, which is part of SJSC “Ukrvydavpoligraphiia”, manufactures about 80% of children’s printed products. There are schoolbooks, school stationery, fiction books, child educational books, that produced according to ecological standards using eco-friendly inks and paper.

This is thanks to successful recently modernization of the printery. The publishing house «Terra Incognita» was the first customer of eco-friendly book in April 2018. The book “The UnSimple” was published using eco-friendly paper by the Australian manufacturer «Pergraphica» and eco-friendly process color by the German manufacturer «Epple». The book was printed on sheetfed offset machine «Man Roland700», that specializes in printing high-quality printed products.

PJSC “Kharkiv Book Factory “Hlobus” has recently started to print eco-friendly tutorials, schoolbooks, workshops for primary school pupils in Donetsk region and stationery for kindergartens.

Books about animals, plants, water in Donetsk region, caring for nature and helping the environment will be printed according to ecological standards using eco-friendly inks only.
These eco-friendly inks are odorless and dilutable during the processing, and only pure cellulose are left.

Observance of ecological standards of the production printing process by factory increases competitive capacity of an enterprise and encourages European market entry.


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