State Joint-Stock Company “Ukrainian Publishing and Printing Association” has
many customized warehouses and an appropriate technical base for storing and delivering printed production to all regions of Ukraine.

Our Advantages

Highly qualified personnel are informed with the complete set of book products and a network of regional databases.

The appropriate software is used for execution and completion of the sending of books. Records, control and reporting on receipts and movement of book products are kept constant.

Delivery of printed products is carried out by automobiles of different load-carrying capacity, which makes it possible to perform orders of any complexity.

The employees who have been keeping book products and logistics have proven to be highly skilled specialists. They have considerable experience in practical work.

The work performed by the employees is effective, which in turn is accompanied by the gratitude of the customers and the recommendations of our services to other potential customers.

These circumstances provide the opportunity to run in stable way and expand the scope of service provision.