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SJSC “Ukrvydavpoligraphiia” is a publishing and printing company, which embraces 23 printing, supplying, publishing enterprises, as well as 2 research and scientific and planning institutes.

Our enterprises are located in 13 regions of Ukraine: in Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Uzhhorod and other regional centers.

SJSC ““Ukrvydavpoligraphiia” have possibility of the production and delivering printed matter to the customers due to the presence of appropriate equipment.

We are a national market leader in polygraphic branch. We are always ready for cooperation doing all in order to our customer become our freinds.


Best regards,

Vasyl Prodan, head of company.

About Us

JSC “Derzhavna Aktsionerna Kompaniia “Ukayinske Vydavnycho-Polihrafichne Obyednannia” (for short: JSC “DAK “Ukrvydavpoligraphiia””) was established

According to Presidential decree of 16.09.1998 Р. №1033 “On Improvement of  Government Administration on Information Sphere”, according to Orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 31.10 1998 Р. №1720 and 26.11.1998 Р. №1870 “To Improve Government Administration in Publishing, Printing and Distribution of Printed Products”.

All the enterprises of the Company are located in 13 regions of Ukraine and equipped with complex of  technological equipment for the production of printed matter: books, magazines, newspapers, posters, brochures, visiting cards, calendars, labels and others.

Flexible pricing policy, speed and quality provide the opportunity to estimate the work of SJSC “Ukrvydavpoligraphiia”. The biggest Ukrainian publishing houses are our regular customers. Enterprises deliver their products anywhere at the customer’s request.

Our advantages

  • High quality of production
  • Fulfillment of orders in short terms
  • Flexible system of price formation
  • Availability of storage of ready-made production
  • Delivery of ready-made production
  • Presence in Kyiv and most of regional centers of Ukraine
  • Experience and professionalism
  • Kindness of workers at enterprises

If you are located anywhere where there are no our enterprises, or even in another country you can work with us. All we need from you is to make a point and send us an order.

Our customers become our friends!